October 14, 2014

Updated HOP Brochures and Thank You cards ordered and on their way!

Marlee and Misty will arrive in Massachusetts at Peace for Ponies today. They have had a long journey with a lay over in PA.

You will be able to see them on the live Webcam there soon


Thankfully we know we can catch Arizona now so she gets to spend some time outside! We still leave a rope on her as extra insurance but have not needed it yet. Pretty soon I think we will venture to remove it! (the halter is a break away, for safety)


Hershey is a sweet boy and is simply shocked each day when we show up giving him hay and a bit of grain.

I’ve never seen an Equine get so thrilled with just hay.

He actually has a hard time making making the choice between hay and grain each feeding

Neo in his adoptive home  getting a massage


Rudy today in his foster home at Pauley’s Rowdy Acres


See them on Peace for Ponies webcam http://www.marewatchers.com/cam/peace.html
She is cute…
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Thank you so much for your continued support!

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