September 29 – October 1, 2014

Willie (the fellow on the right) is looking lovely in his adoptive home!


Rudy went to his new foster at Pauley’s Rowdy Acres today! He was able to meet HOP adopted horses Skye and Kate!

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Thank you, Micha, for the donation made in memory of her mother, Lisa K. Micha described her mother as an Arabian lover and “the kindest woman you would ever meet,” who had a smile on her face for each doctor, nurse and aid throughout her brief but tiring battle” with cancer. What a loving tribute to her mother 

Pictured here is Honey with her adopted girl. Honey was rehabbed in 2011, and she and her girl do a lot of shows together!


Pictured here is Honey with her adopted girl. Honey was rehabbed in 2011, and she and her girl do a lot of shows together!


This guy was one of the 7 that a HOP follower saved out of her own pocket from the meat pen. She will rehab them and help ind them their own “person”. He is over 18 HH tall and has been named Shakespeare! Thank goodness for people out there doing what they can! We are grateful for all the humans out there doing little things and big things that positively affect the lives of animals in need!

7 semi trucks were loaded with meat horses that night.

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These two mares a both likely incoming –

The thin gray mare was pulled from Auction pen (where she had 2 kids bouncing on her back) two days ago in Kentucky. The buckskin was a starvation rescue that a county in WV has gotten stable and needs to move to find a home.

To donate to help with both, visit:

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Joey is a 12 year old 16hh bay Quarter Horse. Up to date on shots worming and coggins . Stands well for farrier . He is bare foot and does well on the trails and show ring without shoes . He has been shown in barrels , poles and knows the patterns, but he’s a little on the lazy side, so he prefers pleasure riding the best . He has a nice smooth slow jog and a nice collected lope. Not for the beginner, as he has a very soft mouth and needs a light hand. He can tend to be barn sour and doesn’t like leaving his herd to go trail riding at home . He will go but requires a confident rider, or he will take advantage of you. He will cross water and logs and go through brush without any fear .

He is a super friendly horse and has great ground manners . He is sound . His owner has recent injuries which will not allow her to ride him.

Approved home only

$400 fee

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Not the news we wanted to hear today. . .

Moon was just checked as about 8 months in foal. . .when her adopter had her vetted (pictured quite round and next to fellow HOP horse, Miss Em) today.

That means the man who bought her from the adopter on craiglist (the adopter ultimately was taken to court and held accountable) had to have bred her right off.


Neo headed home!


Another with Neo and his new owner ( in blue) — with Kathy Kerr.


Skye and her Cowboy as they’re headed to the barn this morning.


Heart of Phoenix will be at the Pumpkin Festival Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Oct 2-5th
9-9 Th, F and S and 9-6 Sunday

These two just look SO much better!

Their foster, Angela, is doing a lovely job with both these little girls!

Marlee and Misty (who is in foal)

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These are all of the horses in HOP that are currently available or who will be available soon. Please note that the majority of them are 10 and under thus refuting the myth that all rescue horses are old and broken down. THREE are even registered! For more adoption information, please visit

Incoming White gelding

These are the only current photos we’ve received. No idea on breed or age.

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Two local Newspaper articles  Yay! — with Tinia Creamer and 4 others.

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Thank you to Susan & Edward Epes for the Charitable Fund Grant we received through the UBS Donor Adviser Fund today! Quite unexpected and so appreciated!

Neo got to have a few adventures in his new home yesterday. He met a goat, explored his new home inside and outdoors and had his legs washed off in the wash rack. We are happy to be hearing how he is getting along!


Ferris is doing great in his adoptive home with his new best friend, Schera. His adopter says that when her lesson kids come over, Ferris runs to the fence, eager to get pats from them! He is really a very people oriented fella!


Alfie and Raven are trying to figure out why he has not been adopted yet! This is the little fella whose owners boarded him into his stall and left him to die! He has turned into the most pleasant, curious and friendly fellow you can imagine! We wouldn’t quite term him “kid-broke” yet but as you can see from his second video he is certainly “kid-friendly”! We are looking for a small framed or ideally an advanced beginner child to adopt this cute little guy!


Neo looking lovely in his new home


Neo!! Look how happy


Awesome coloring pages drawn by Suzanna J for kids at the Pumpkin Festival! Based on Hop horses
Thank you so much for your continued support!

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