September 22 -24, 2014

Alfie decided it was a good day to go swimming! This 13.2 HH fella is adoptable now!


Poor Claire tore her stitches out from her eye injury, so the vet was back today 


Bettie in her adoptive home today


We have some very exciting news! We have had an offer of a home for Neo from a Saddlebred person who will be adopting him and putting him under a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PROFESSIONAL TRAINER who has vast experience with both Saddlebreds and restarting rescue horses! This trainer and owner plan to turn him out for 4 weeks or so and let him be a horse and then start him slowly using the round pen, lots of groundwork, and when he is ready, work on the lunge line and in a surcingle. With no time frame in mind, when they feel he is ready, they will place him under saddle and eventually they hope he will do Western Pleasure. However; they also plan to take their time in reading him and in the end, Neo will end up doing what makes him happy! They have been fully apprised of ALL facets of Neo’s history and actually know his breeder well. Additionally, they saw Neo win in Halter Classes and at the time took special note of his calmness as a youngster. These types of no-pressure, professional homes are such a valuable find and we are beyond pleased to have this offer! Their application process is almost complete and looks like it will pass with flying colors. Those of us that pour our blood, sweat AND tears into horse rescue are over the moon at this news! Thank you to Neo’s breeder for the lovely photo of him as a 2 year old under her husband’s care in a halter class.


Jake meets Pool noodles!
The Fabulous Jake Fiddy meets pool noodles 😉 — with Tinia Creamer and Dorella Conner Tuckwiller.

Share in the Mingo, wv area

I believe I can safely say that we could offer at least $500 for the mare and foal. No names will be published, No questions will be asked but I need a bill of sale and these two delivered off the mountain. I can have someone pick them up in Gilbert or one of the surrounding towns. You can message me on facebook or you can call 434-774-6607 between 9 and 5.

In July, we rescued a Chestnut Saddlebred gelding from starvation in St. Albans. A few weeks ago, we rescued a Paint Saddlebred gelding from Auction.

As many people know, these horses had the same former owner. They were sold or given away or traded and through a different chain of events for each horse, both ended up in tragic situations where we found them and took them into rescue.

To be clear, they were not sent to auction or starved BY the shared former owner. One went through two owners before going to auction in a very short time. The other went through one owner to a situation where he was starved.

While we’ve made that plain many times, I will reiterate that now.

We’ve never expressed an opinion on the situations beyond they were BOTH in desperate need, as really, what does that help? BOTH didn’t deserve to end up how/where they did, and we were glad we could be there for them as many of the folks on our team had seen the horses shown in the past and knew them in their former lives, in good shape and so forth. We felt obligated.

It is sad that the former owner and her friends have opted to malign the rescue in claims WITHOUT any merit at all for saving these horses.

We do NOT appreciate being blamed for people giving opinions of the former owner of both horses. That isn’t of our making. People have a right to decide what they think of that. We all have personal thoughts on the situation, and the rescue has never even named the owner publicly.

Let’s be frank. . .when a rescue ends up with two horses from the same owner in 8 weeks time, people will talk. We can hardly NOT share the horses photos or information and prevent them from being adopted because people will talk and have negative things to say about the former owner. That is NOT through any mis-step of ours.

We rescue horses. We aren’t here for the gossip mill, to suit the locals or make friends with everyone. Especially since those who have so much to say to the rescue over these two horses and defense of the former owner have never donated or assisted in the Tri-state wide rescue efforts we orchestrate. Their words mean nothing.

I’ve spoken to the former owner’s mother twice on this situation, once in person and once via phone, and she has repeatedly Thanked us heartily and apologized for the things we’ve went through over helping these two horses, and for that, we are grateful. She also repeated that we were welcome to use any and all photos of the horses taken while at her barn, which we appreciate, as some friends of the former owner had given us a very hard time over that, though we’d been given permission once before.

I hate to even have to write such a post, but the circumstances require it at this point.

It is a shame that people will malign those who do good when they feel somehow their own character is not being reflected in the best light. . .what is honest and right seems to mean very little.

10580906_836317686399528_9169898627514667481_o 10710761_836317489732881_1084545438404137907_n
URGENT need! 


I have been asked to find homes for these two horses. They are in Hurricane, WV. Their owner can no longer afford to take care of them and doesn’t have time to work with them.

The appaloosa mare is 5 years old. She is green broke at best (only had a saddle on twice) but is said to be gentle natured.

The other horse is a 2 year old stud – needs gelded. He is said to be standoffish and has barely been handled.

This is going to be a tough one – I know. They are available to good homes only.

I’ve been told the alternative is auction….

10615465_10201823886317133_8787031667964955500_n 10616357_10201823886277132_739242134503542780_n
Mini in need in Teays Valley, WV

I have been asked to find a home for this little guy. He must be gelded.

4 years old – green broke.

He is free to a good home – but the home must be approved in advance with assurance that he will be gelded.

If interested post here or send an inbox. I have very limited information at this time. He is in Teays Valley. — with Patsy Selman.

More Glory Happily Ever After photos!

Now with our LONG DISTANCE team in Canmer, Ky added in a few spots!

Sawyer is looking amazing! He will go to his adoptive home in VA soon! — with Tinia Creamer.
Check out this awesome shot with the lens flare around Rudy when I unloaded him at my farm today (he will be going to another foster location to grow and relax until he is adopted or old enough to start undersaddle) — with Nicky Walters and 2 others.
Yes, our team works hard. But the creatures under our care, the ones who come to us with heads held low and rain rot covering their bodies. They are the real SUPERHEROS! These equines from all walks of life who overcome their dire pasts and choose once again to put their trust in a human; how can you not admire that?
Something we encounter frequently in rescue is “My horse is 15.5 Hands. He is a big guy.” What they are really saying if they have measured accurately is that their horse is 16.1 HH. The height of a horse is measured from the ground to his withers, the last hair of his mane. A hand is the equivalent of 4 inches. When measuring in hands, partial hand widths are expressed in inches. So a horse that is 14.2 hands is 14 hands plus 2 inches. The total inches would be 58 inches. A horse could never be said to be 14.5 inches, as the number after the decimal is not a fraction, but represents an entire inch. Equines under 14.2 are considered ponies and 14.2 and up are horses. The exception: All Arabians, regardless of height, are classified as “horses”, even though 14.2 hands (58 inches, 147 cm) is the traditional cutoff height between a horse.
Abuse and Neglect doesn’t discriminate against training, pedigree or conformation

Although these videos are a couple months ago and Alfie is adoptable now, if you want to help make your horse or pony bomb-proof, these are some great things to get them accustomed to doing for those of you that like to train!

Sawyer is a grand older gentleman that came to us in awful condition in the spring from Indiana. He is nearly finished up with rehab and will be adopted soon! — with Suzanna Johnson.
10382561_836616206369676_1162719950355963022_o 10608733_836616026369694_7334637639670568573_o
This big fellow came from a meat buyer in Ohio. A lady who has pulled quite a few out from him and others in that area has picked him and will be getting him to HOP asap.

The Heart of Phoenix Fall show is coming soon!

October 25, 2014



$15 Vendor fee
Open to all vendors!

Pony rides and other events for families will be offered

ALL day Fun and Formal OPEN Horse Show

We need volunteers to make this even a success, please email Stephanie at or call 304-6349-419 to commit to volunteering for the show, for show questions or vendor information

I know a PB blue tick hound (Male, unaltered) that is in dire need of a home. He is friendly. Not far too from Huntington. He is currently chained outside and really need placement or rescue. No photos at this time.

Adopters or RESCUERS needed now.

Lincoln county, WV

I’ve met these dogs – all were drop offs and unwanted. The person who has tried to take care of them cannot do so any longer. It has become more than the landlord will tolerate.

Urgent need of placement. 1) Name: Tigger
Sex: Male – Un-neutered
Breed: Pitbull / German shepherd Mix
Color: Brindle
DOB/Age: 2/19/2009 – 5 1/2yrs old
Details: Outside dog, great guard dog, loves sleeping with the cats & grooming them, needs neutered, cannot be around un-neutered male dogs

2) Name: Jake “Jakey Poo”
Sex: Male / Neutered
Breed: Beagle
Color: Tri colored
DOB/Age: 5-6 years
Details: Housebroken, great with kids & other pets , likes to chase ATVs & loud trucks

3) Name: Ginger
Sex: Female/ Spayed
Breed: Beagle
Color: Tri colored
DOB/Age: about 4 years old
Details : Abandoned at coal mines, very emaciated until miners all started feeding her everything, now she is obese, just learned to bark in the last month, laziest dog on earth, wouldn’t harm a fly…housebroken

4) Name: Zoey
Sex: Female/Spayed
Breed: Jack Russell, beagle, dachshund
Colors: orange & white
DOB/Age: 8/5/2007 – 7 yrs old
Details: housebroken, very sweet & extremely smart , great with kids & cats, dogs etc. loves to play, young pup at heart

5) Webster
Sex: Male/ Neutered
Breed: Jack Russell, Beagle, Dachshund mix
Colors: Black/White/Tan
Details: housebroken, loves grooming ALL the other animals & acting like a mother, very nervous around loud noises/excitement, just wants to be with someone all the time, great with the cats

6) Snoopy
Sex: Male/Un-neutered
Breed: Jack Russell, Dachsund, Beagle mix
Colors: White/Black
DOB/Age: 3/3/2009 – 5 1/2yrs old
Details: Playful, hyper, sweetest dog ever, loves to lay in your lap, great with kids & loves cats so much u would think he was one.

7) Trixie
Sex: Female/Spayed
Breed: Yorkie mix
Colors : Black/Tan
DOB/Age: 9/1/2011 – 3yrs old today
Details: only has one eye, very active dog. She gets into mischief all the time but is truly one of a kind and a great, perfectly well behaved pup. LOVES cats.

Look at how much progress Claire has made!!
I wish they all rehabbed this quickly. . .

Sawyer wonders what he is missing. . .

and whether it is lunch time yet — with Tinia Creamer and Susan Sunday.

Rudy meets our founder’s senior pony, Acorn, the head honcho at her farm

Here is a little safety demonstration for our followers that are riders or who hope to be soon! (Please ignore the poor quality-the only videographer available was a child!)

The sabino TWH gelding we posted about yesterday is now safely en-route to HOP.

A little known secret about the “Secretariat Movie” horses.

The horses that are movie actors, by the way, no longer carry their racing names; but the hands call them all by such regal titles as “Spud” and “Cookie.” One of them was actually a descendant of Secretariat. One of the “Secretariats” (there were four used in the movie) was a trick horse, and he could be made to rear up or bow down, or lie down, One of the Secretariat’s was a filly! She had the right markings. And because she was lighter-boned, they used her as a young Secretariat. (WE GUESS THAT LAST ONE WAS TRULY ONE OF THEM FILLY-COLTS!! HAHAHA)

After working together for years. . .

Seriously, this is the first photo of all the founding board of directors ever taken together! — with Tinia Creamer and 2 others.


In Honor of the 10K from TSC, The newest intake will be name Schmidtty  

In 1938, Charles E. Schmidt Sr. of Chicago, Illinois established a mail order tractor parts business. By 1939 it had become so successful that he opened his first physical store. Today there are 1,085 TSCs around the US.

This guy is a giant. I love him already! Love him!


I hate it when they first arrive, and they are so afraid. And you can see it in his eyes. . .

That he wonders what tomorrow will bring at this new place.

They realize very soon. . .it is actually over. All the Hell they have walked through to get here. . .it is over, forever. . .

And it is really going to be ok.

Wynn is so happy to be turned out at our VP’s location!! He is a magnificent OTTB boy! — with Alexis Adkins.
1270294_837249089639721_6149545593111554825_o 10600577_837248776306419_8839740323206258743_n
Claire today – she is such a sassy, cute little mare! Her weight gain has been so quick and easy! This After comes at about 6 weeks after intake.
1654925_837250062972957_6643120432589518609_o 10702221_837249452973018_4791730927087983978_n
This photo paints a better picture of Schmidtty’s condition

This lovely boy was rescued from Ohio on 9/24 by Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC

He is a TWH geldng, about 17hh and likely 6-8 years old

1003782_837257512972212_8084844656163037941_n 1234201_837257562972207_937202258851957649_n 1907820_837257659638864_8649507638709330241_n 10371416_837257439638886_7838109352320551411_n 10476618_837257642972199_402740874117919359_n 10574240_837257569638873_9043953755292869900_n 10603288_837257576305539_4329852686345108275_n 10646982_837257599638870_3097989799157479854_n 10703723_837257619638868_1010796515724980496_n 10710694_837257612972202_4197831946761386097_n
Thank you so much for your continued support! Please consider donating if you are able, we greatly appreciate all the help!

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