August 2-7, 2014

Skye Pie. . .with Aubrey of Adkins Quarter Horses in training.

Her assessment of this pretty mare?

She is a go anywhere, fearless trail partner for any intermediate type rider. . .She really likes her and can’t really figure out why she DOESN’T HAVE A HOME.

Neither can we.

She is a super intelligent mare, and she requires you to be the leader in the relationship, and if you aren’t, she will take the role. You do have to be a solid, smart rider that wants a real partner.




Today Marks a Week of “Meet the Rescue Team” Posts. . .

We continue with Suzanna and Raven J.

HOP Adopters, Trainers, Fosters, Haulers, Administrative working extraordinaires

This mother / daughter team covers so many bases for us from 4 hours away. . .it is simply some of the most awesome dedication to Equine Rescue you can fathom.

From Canmer, Kentucky, Suzanna meticulously processes our applications in a manner we have the utmost confidence in. This has been something I’ve personally never carried out either well or timely, and I’m beyond grateful to know this important part of the adoption process is covered. It isn’t something you can do without solid intuition without waste a lot of volunteer time, either.

She also keeps me from making a ninny out of myself at least part of the time by catching all the hilarious and ridiculous typos I am famous for all over this page and the website!

Anytime I get a lead on a horse in need, I can send the most brief overview you can fathom, and Suzanna will make the calls, get the photos and help us figure out whether we can help in this situation and that situation. This applies to any inquiry I want to make but am simply pulled in too many directions to even remember to sit down and check into. Knowing you have someone willing to do the non-fun, non-horsey stuff when needed is amazing. Let me tell you what!

This duo went out into Ohio when they heard of a young mare in danger of being euthanized in early 2013 because of behavior . . . a horse no one else was willing to give the time of day and saved her life in more ways than one: Skye. The only thing between Skye and have having meet a stark end back then was this team. . .Not us here. ..we had no room, no ability to tack the challenge over here at that time.

They picked up an urgent needs mare for sale on Craiglist for the rescue, Ariel, and gave her a soft place to rest until she was humanely put down when her condition proved too advanced to give her any quality of life. . .arranging vetting, a humane passing and burial hours from the support base we have here during such hard events.

They cared for nurse mare foals, sleeping in a barn to see them safely on their way to Lilly Pond in Maryland after a long trip from way out in Kentucky to WV to meet LP’s director, Hauled Sawyer to their farm and held him until they could haul him to our more local Ky location to finish up rehab and they took Alfie in to start training when he really wasn’t even sure how to lead. . .and had him effectively undersaddle for most anyone in two months time, giving him the best shot possible at a future!

Niteza (2011 HOP Alumni) calls their farm Four hours away from us here in WV home, Alfie calls it hard work and for Ariel, it is a final resting place. . .

For me. . .it looked like Paradise. . .

and reminds me when your heart is in it, if there is a will, there is a way to help. . .no matter how far away you might be.

 — with Suzanna Johnson and Raven Johnson.

10559708_809739319057365_5037082380323661103_n 10568859_809739365724027_5295886278444893990_n

Snow during her photoshoot for our HOP calendar two years ago and before her adoption (she is pictured with Kate’s adopter here)

She now resides at Ferrell Hollow Farm-Senior Horse Sanctuary in TN

She was pulled from the mire and filth of Cattletsburg Stockyard for $50 going on 3 years ago (Feb 2012) 

She was aged at 35 years old then.

Her body showed a life of toiling for man.

It has been one of the greatest honors of my life to have been there for her and have pulled her out. . . .

 — with Stephanie Pauley.


HOP team day number 8 continues . . .

With what? A horse, you say?

No, no. This is actually Alice. . .adopted by Stephanie D.

If I included Stephanie’s photo, I imagine there might be a hit put out on me. . .so in order to continue working as the rescue’s director, I give you good people. . .Alice.

Thanks so much to Stephanie for initially hanging in there and staying interested in volunteering back in . . .what? 2012. . .when I couldn’t coordinate brushing my hair, let alone really keeping up with people claiming to want to be involved in HOP. Most really just wanted to pet horses. . .and I simply had no time for that.

Stephanie wanted to do whatever we needed. Initially that was screening applications, but as a CPA, her accounting skills have surely been much needed and appreciated by this girl here who keeps receipts stuffed in no particular order in this box and that drawer and her in purse.

Sure, she gives me interesting looks when I hand receipts, bank statements and so forth off to her periodically. . .perhaps even an eye roll paired with a scowl. . but darn it if her work in that area isn’t priceless.

And she saw through the arguably homely looks Alice could give, too. . . the attitude and the advanced age. . .and saw a gem and gave her a home when someone else had only just remarked something to the effect of: “Who is going to want to adopt a horse like this.” She did. . . a life long lover of Morgans. . .became adoptive mom to 23 year old Standardbred, Alice.

Bringing some voice of reason and business to HOP. . . Thank you, Stephanie 

 — with Stephanie Davis.


Two adopted HOP horses in the trail — with Nicky Walters and Maria L. Moles.


Rudy today 


Another of Rudy. . .who was feral just about 3 weeks ago . . .look at him already — with Nicky Walters and 2 others.


Misty made the move to Angela’s to finish rehab and receive an ultrasound with Dr. Walker this week to see how far along she is. She has made awesome progress already!


This emaciated draft mule (pictured after rescue here) was on craigslist for a ridiculous amount of money. I saw the ad and it broke my heart. A kind person saved him. . .Follow his story here


If you missed this before. . .check out the sadly true rendition by your’s truly and husband of things horse rescues never want to hear

Oh, here is that video I promised you.

Yes, I’ve heard these things in person, in sincerity, from far too many folks (Well, except maybe the donkey comment)

Not quite how I really sound. — with Tinia Creamer and John Creamer.

5 more likes for 4,000 

Put us of 4k followers with a share of this awesome shot from our 2012 Calendar shoot with Freedom  Adopted in 2013


Day 9 of Meeting HOP folks. . .

Thank you to Nancy and Beth Comer of Comer’s Show horses

They offer HOP reduced board for a rescue, have helped find adopters (Dahlia and Prince) for past equines and are kind enough to allow Nicky and Dorella to come out and work the horse fostered there at ALL hours of the night – and I mean all hours. . .as well as helping them with training insight constantly 

This is vital for horses like Dexter, Amber, Skye and Rudy because the long work hours the girls have wouldn’t allow a traditional schedule. . .

They also tolerate my chronically forgetful late board payments! haha!!

 — with Beth Comer-Clark and Nancy Comer.

Maybe less breeding is in order, you think?! Ugh! 
At auction.trying to buy Hay also. Here are pics.
Another of Rudy~

Check out Stitch! He is a nervous but good boy with the right rider

and so, so personable and interesting in being part of everything


My admin took pictures this morning at the pound. She will assign intake numbers but we have a few urgent needs and wanted to post ASAP.

Third up: Male approx 3-4 years old. In need of
Medical urgent help. We did pull and took to the vet. His private area is torn and infected. Will most likely need surgery. The vet is boarding for one week and evaluating his surgical needs. He will be at the Williamson Animal Hospital. Please call 304-235-3500 if you can donate to his care. Boarding is 20.00 per nite plus surgery. You can PayPal Specify medical needs boy. Will post more details when we talk to the vet. The pics are graphic but we hide nothing from our followers. Thanks for any donation. All is appreciated!

10540918_692481404157357_8316509280032977439_n 10559865_692481360824028_4869536116826848237_n

Day Ten. . .

We Also have to give a shout out to the more recent additions to those working to save life in the Tri-state with HOP. . .

Angela K is the newest foster to HOP, and she is the first we had accepted in over a year. . .she has a heart for helping rehab and train Miniatures, and we’ve certainly had an abundance of them needing someone to really feel “they” were her special calling! She is also is so willing to transport anytime she is needed, and that is an amazing blessing for us as hauling has been a struggle for us for years! Grace owes her life to her quick action to pick her up on almost no notice at all.

Amanda M is a HOP adopter and always willing to lend a hand in whatever way is asked! Cleaning stalls, grooming and just being a true supporter of the work all the way around.

Kim K. . .we are going to make her a HOP adopter yet! She found us such a wonderful adopter and volunteer for Memphis in Jim! Kim, just know it is coming. . .eventually you shall surely be the proud new mama to a fat and sassy rescue from us! To date she has done very non-exciting, non-fun event volunteering for us and spent a lot of time with rescues both at Sunday Stables and Comer’s.

There are some that wouldn’t want mentioned. . .some just now testing the waters of volunteering. . .

and then there are you guys out there – across the USA, many not even close to us here in West Virginia, but your donations, shares and simple kind words and caring for the well being horses here keeps me going day in and day out. . .because rescue work beats the daylights out me. . .

You guys out there and the team here at home. . .keep the wheels turning.

 — with Amanda Morning and 2 others.



21 year old mare in need of a home in Cortland, Ohio

15.3 shown halter her entire life then turned out for ten years. She was going to slaughter when someone rescued her at age 16.

Easy to handle, kind mare. . .but she is not broke to ride. 

Owner is moving and a cannot take her. Willing to haul to meet for a safe, private home or rescue.

No fee to screened home


Ending 10 days of Introductions to the HOP team. . .rather than to carry it on another day. . .least you tire of them:

There is me. The founder, sure. I guess you can say that.

I have a name, but often, as funny as it is. . .those in rescue or meeting me even for the first time will say my name (which is Tinia) and add: “She is Heart of Phoenix.”

I’m not though, but it is a beautiful thing to say.

I am that person who brings all the rescue stories to you, tells of our needs, our struggles, our successes . . . If you get a message reply, see a post from this page or get an email response – that is who I am.

I’m the person who desperately needs an editor proofing everything I say in order for the general public to even understand what I’m trying to say. . .as I have penchant for using random words not actually related to the sentence I’m typing.

I’m that loud person at any event who likes to talk with her hands in the strongest accent, I suppose, you can fathom.

I was walking here, to get to where I am today from the time I was born. . .

The story goes that I said “Horsie” before Mama and Dada. Maybe so, but either way, it makes a good tale.

I’m inferior to this task. I learn more year after year, and as it goes, I worry I’m learning too little to keep up.

I’m not a great or even a marginally accomplished horsewoman. My knowledge rests in knowing I can rehab even the most wasted away horse you can bring me. That I know how to do. I muddle along in other areas because I love them . . .believe they hold some magic, you could say, and because I grew up going to filthy horse auctions and seeing too many horrors from a young age, with a soul that screamed what I saw was wrong and had to stop, to ever consider turning a blind eye as a grown woman.

I’m a disorganized person that literally only wants to save horses. . .the human details – Eh, someone else can deal with that.

I look at the bottom line. Numbers of lives. I’m a stark realist. A pessimist. I need the humanity of my team to keep me looking at the more emotional arguments that must be made in this work. I tend to overlook the feelings of the people working with me as I’m blinded by the need to save more, save more because in some ways. . .it selfishly saves me.

So this person I introduce you to, the founder, does not care if she is liked or embraced or even friends with those working so hard on this plight with her. . .she wants a team of people who work solely for the purpose of seeing more lives saved, to see AS MANY as possible given life instead of death. That. I have that. That is why this organization succeeds and will continue to do so.

Special thanks to my pretty boy, JC, for making the photo I’ve shared extra flashy (from our 2012 Calendar)

Signed your rescuing, goat farming friend 

Tinia . . .also known as Heart of Phoenix, but unfairly so.

 — with Tinia Creamer.

Misty today – what progress she has made. We suspect she is bred and will find out for certain with an ultrasound soon
Misty meets Kismet in their shared foster home with Angela K
Snow can use your prayers and thoughts. 
We had a concern with pretty Snow this morning. She was completely uninterested in her breakfast and proceeded to go lay down in her shavings. Did not find any heat in her feet (boots are on) nor digital pulse (concerned with laminitis even tho now on Prascend for Cushings), was not colicing, appeared very lethargic. After 20 minutes she did rise and was able to get her to eat a small amout of soaked hay pellets. Consulted our vet. Interested in trying Thrive Feed–anyone used that–it’s forage based, but pricey. A lovely necklace has just been delivered of lady Snow–stay tuned for when that might appear up for grabs!! 

Both Sawyer and Tara saw the vet today. We are sad to say it looks as if Tara is suffering from Navicular syndrome/disease, but at least we know what is going on now. Our farrier now has a clear direction with how we will try to manage her condition.

Sawyer had better news. He isn’t in any pain and should be fine for light riding. (Sawyer is pictured here)

Grace being rechecked by one of our vets today (Dr. Taylor is a new vet in the Brown Vet practice pictured here). We are testing for ulcers, as I am coming to expect they are part of her issue. . .waiting gaining fairly slowly (though her malformed mouth is another issue she is dealing with)
Grace was diagnosed with ulcers today, as I expected. . .treatment will get her right as rain. . .it is amazing how quickly they come out of it once they start getting the meds
Sawyer getting an exam today by Dr. Taylor — with Suzanna Johnson.

Spicy was foaled 8/10/12 and has had extensive handling since her birth. She loads on and off the trailer very quietly, stands tied, leads well, and behaves for the farrier! Spicy has had natural horsemanship work on the line and in the round pen and really enjoys being with humans! 

She would make an excellent and adorable Hunter/Jumper pony! She has been ponied frequently by another horse. She has worn a saddle and a small full cheek snaffle quite a bit and has been sat on for brief periods of time by a very lightweight child.

She needs to go to a home where she can only be out at night or be turned out with sun protection sheets as she burns very easily.

She is adoptable now through HOP! Located in Huntington, WV

She is an Arab/Haflinger/Welsh Cross

 — with Suzanna Johnson and Raven Johnson.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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