July 21-27, 2014

Pecos in his adoptive VA home last week –

We do what we do to see updates like this.

For those who do not know his story, check out his before and after video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9C_39NLxVo

Alfie being amazing after just 6 weeks of training. . .

This boy really wasn’t even broke to lead when he came to Hop in March.

Sir Walter R In his adoptive home yesterday β€” with Jessie Smith Hardesty.

Another of Marlee

People throw the word rescue around pretty liberally.

Rescue: save from a dangerous or distressing situation.

If you didn’t do THAT and literally play an instrumental role in changing the animals life forever for the better, think up another way to work what happened. . .try. . .”I picked this animal up and called a RESCUE to save this horse from a dangerous or distressing situation.” That might work.

Graphic but this rescue group needs help!
*** Warning!! Graphic pics ***

This is our boy at the ER Clinic. Estimated bill is $600. He’s a fighter, and we have named him Maximus the Warrior Kitty. We really need help with this, if you can! So soon after other emergencies, but we cannot plan for this!

He’s in great hands at the clinic!!

If you can donate, the PayPal address is cats4rescue@gmail.com.

Here are the pics. Will update with treatment as we can.

He is a very sweet boy, he knows we are trying! He was making puddings and trying to purr


Fancy Alfred (Alfie)

β€œThree things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.”
― Henry James

Alfie will be adoptable soon! He really needs to be a child’s pony – an advanced beginner type will be able to take this little guy so far!

Sweet little Rudy πŸ™‚ β€” with Tinia Creamer and 2 others.

Stay turned through the ending for the cutest thing
Rudy…I love obstacle courses…may as well go ahead and get used to it πŸ™‚ β€” with Tinia Creamer and 2 others.

Cody in his adoptive home today

This super cool looking boy is Pyr/GSD cross

Housetrained, friendly and needs a home now.

Was pulled from the shelter – his foster cannot hold him long.

If interested, PM us.

West Virginia. . .I am so ashamed of you. Two weeks ago, it was the horse in the garage and now this.

We have a very sad update on a horse who was brutally strangled at a local farm in Martinsburg. Catnip has passed away, according to the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office.

Catnip’s caregivers tell WHAG she was euthanized under veterinarian care early this morning. Her throat had swollen to the point where she was having an extremely hard time breathing. She could also not get up.

WHAG sends out our condolences to the owners.

Deputies are searching for the people responsible. Subjects are described as white male teenagers with dark hair, about 5’5″-5’6″ and were last seen running from the property on the south side of Shepherdstown Road to the Opequon Bridge toward Diesel Drive. It’s believed these individuals reside in the Diesel Drive area.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 304-267-7000. *SHARE PLEASE*

How awesome is this from a Fair she and her girl showed in today in Ky? Scroll over for her before photo from her 2011 HOP rescue


A lovely shot of Dexter – Adopted last year from HOP

Cabell Wayne Animal Shelter is hiring an Executive Director – This person will be who decides whether to investigate and seize equines in need in TWO counties. This position being hired by an honest, sincere person who will continue to ONLY and ALWAYS contact us when a horse is seized to accept the horse and to CONTINUE to check on neglect situations when we ask is SO important.


Still one of the most shocking starvation cases I’ve seen –

Rowan – May 2013

See more at: http://www.wvhorserescue.org/photos.html

Spicy this evening – she is adoptable Learn more at http://www.wvhorserescue.org/adopt_horses.html β€” with Suzanna Johnson.

Tara this evening – she is adoptable Learn more at http://www.wvhorserescue.org/adopt_horses.html

Willie going bitless in his adoptive home

The rescue is still searching for a nice 2 horse trailer in excellent condition priced from $2,500 to $3,000 – prefer non-ramp with removable divider or open stock type – MUST have one or the other – with a tack storage area within 3 hours of Huntington, WV. If the trailer is over $3,000 – we can offer a tax donation write off above the purchase cost of 3k

And with some muscle, her after will be more impressive!


Zip, Scarlett and Rowan’s recoveries




I LOVE this shirt!

Isn’t this something those in rescue (and not) can sympathize with?

Thanks to Mark H for visiting and working with Bettie today


From the looks of those chains, it isn’t just time they aren’t getting

I’m going to do a profile a day on our RESCUE Board and Volunteers of the next 2 weeks

We will start with Sonora W. – Board Member since HOP’s founding

In 2011, there came a point where I had out networked myself. I received far too many inquiries to help horses and personally could help only 2 at a time. Okay, not much as changed. . .we still get too many inquiries to help and have far too little room, yet back then only able to help 2 at a time was really disheartening.

At this point, Sonora, who had donated to the work I’d privately done with the mare, Phoenix, offered to step in a take one from a group I was working on in Blaine, Ky. That herd of Six marked a change for Heart of Phoenix. We became a real group at that moment. Wow. Did we have any idea what we were getting into?

Sonora’s first horse for HOP was Coco from Blaine. I remember when I took Coco to Sonora, I wondered who would ever want the mousy brown little horse that was hard to catch, difficult to handle and easy to overlook. She was thin, but her primary issues were an injured ankle and a shattered mind.

By the time I saw her again, she was sleek, deep brindled brown and personable. I thought, “Wow. What a Gift Sonora Has. I can’t believe this is the same horse.” This isn’t something I say anymore.

Coco was the first of many to be rehabbed there. Some of our worst cases have gone there: Lola, Pecos, Boone, Zane. . .and so many others.

On her own, she does private dog and cat rescue from her grooming shop in Hurricane, WV (TLC Grooming).

When we worked on the Hampshire Arabian seizure in late 2011, she went with me to see the herd at intake. The ravaged herd was one of the hardest things to look at I’ve seen in rescue. 2 brood mares (one in foal), one very senior, found there way back to Sonora’s to stay forever. No more breeding, bouncing around, no more neglect. Even though the oldest mare’s body is nearly given out now in 2014, Sonora watches over her dutifully. . .

Sonora has been the one to hold “just one more” when an emergency arises. . .never hesitating to go the extra 1,000 miles.

Always an extra 1,000 miles. . .every single time.

This sage of a mare. . .

Someone or many someones have mistreated her unspeakably.

You’d have to meet her to know, but if you’d listen just a moment – she’d tell you the whole story in her actions, her eyes.

Bettie. . .I’m so sorry we couldn’t have found you sooner, but I assure you, this whole group will make sure you know there are good folks out there. . .

And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to apologize to you enough for not getting to you faster. . .years before.

And Ellie is like. . .

“Someone come get this Kook out of my stall, quick.”

Sorry, Ellie. ..your grumpy face made this a must post of you and me. β€” with Tinia Creamer.

Grace today. . .

Making progress for sure! β€” with Tinia Creamer.

These moments. . .

The ones that start their rehabs with me are, I admit, nearest to my heart. . . no matter where they finish up rehabbing. Memphis is no exception. I love his spirit (if quite saucy). Pretty boy, in the “pretend farm” of rescue ponies I keep forever. . . you’re there. β€” with Tinia Creamer and Jim Gerchow.

Owner placement / adoption or free lease

Near Huntington, WV

18 y/o Trakehner mare named Honey – 16hh

She has been shown a little and ridden dressage (training level).
In recent years it has mostly been light riding and trails.
She is very sane, trustworthy, and sweet. As a horse in her later teens, she naturally has a little arthritis in her hocks but does very well with a little maintenance. She’s lovely and could absolutely be shown again with some tuning up and muscle (or just hacked around and trail ridden if someone preferred).

As far as riding, she has never been unsafe or “naughty” – the only reason the owner would not recommend her for a complete beginner, is if you don’t ask her to “come together” she can be a little speedy and go around with her nose out.

No fee to exceptional home with approved HOP application and owner contract

Super excited to share an update with Stitch! He has been with HOP just two weeks and has already packed so much weight on.

Just shows how horrific the care was where he was being kept. He is such a friendly boy! β€” with Susan Sunday.

Grace, Grace. . .you have me stumped a bit.

Breed or Cross guesses folks?

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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