May 13-14, 2014

Teddy was seen by our vet today. Occasionally, Teddy drags a back foot due to muscle tone loss from starvation. Today he was totally sound, and after an exam, our vet says to expect he will be sound for pleasure riding. He had no lameness today and appears to have regained muscle mass, but an adopter should expect that the occasional drop in the back right hoof will occur from time to time (his foster has observed it twice in 3 weeks).







The stark picture of starvation

Boone – one week later — with Nicky Walters and 2 others.






New hair already growing in so quickly, though – that was basically raw skin week past.






Boone – this guy has truly suffered a great deal of abuse and neglect







Recently adopted, Poppy, working as a therapy horse!







Check out gorgeous Wynn – this 9 year old Thoroughbred is 17.2hh and has DRESSAGE painted all over him – adoptable soon!

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6 year old, Haflinger, 14.3HH

Teddy is a Young Haflinger gelding rescued from starvation with Pecos by a private home. A recent placement by the rescuer isn’t working out.
He is a good boy undersaddle.
He does occassionally drag his back right hoof. He is currently sound and will likely be perfectly suited to pleasure riding through the future, based on the vet’s evaluation






There is a local person with a mare who lost her foal looking for a foal who needs a nurse mare – Huntington / Charleston, WV area







Unfortunate news. . .the truck that was donated’s engine is kaput.

To replace it would be $2,500 or so without labor factored in. . .

Not what we hoped to hear.














Thank you so much for your continued support!

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