May 6, 2014

Safe! Now folks, please help us with funding his rehab, which will be very long, I expect. . .

I am guessing 7-10 year old TWH gelding – 16hh

He is safe for the night. Moving to foster tomorrow ❤️

Can I just say how amazing it is to know I work with people who care enough to drop anything and everything at just a scrambled, jumbled call to find out how and where they need to be to save horse in the middle of the night in the middle of know where?!

Thank you a million times over for doing what real rescuers do, Nicky Walters and Deb Pennington

I’ve got a heck of a rescue story to tell you tomorrow – tonight after 13 hours on the road with children, goats and rescue horses – I’m done and done and overdone
This poor older Jenny needs us today! We are going to try to work on getting her moved today. With the gelding from Boone yesterday and this girl today, we need donations coming in to get these rehabbed –
This Jenny is in Wayne county. She came as a trio and has some hoof issues. We’ve been asked to place her and very thin gelded donkey that came with her. We will accept the thin guy into rescue, but I’d like to directly place this jenny. She is friendly. Send vet/farrier references, facility photos and overview of the home you can provide –

So. . .this is the guy. . .

My guess is under 10, 16hh and TWH gelding.

Name pending. He spent the night in temp. foster and will go to Sonora’s today to rehab.

And still I ask. . .how do people do this?
They came out and acted as if this was just fine. . .no big deal. . .as he was being seized.
So many events coming up this year!
Buttercup and rowan today in their adoptive home
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Ellie undersaddle!

What a gorgeous mare!

We’ve dubbed the new Gelding intake: “Boone”

Here is his MUST see, with tissues in hand, intake video

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Thank you so much for your continued support!

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