May 3-4, 2014

On the Eve of the Derby, please take a moment to watch the often ignored story of the BY-PRODUCT of the industry. These 4 foals were four we saved and then sent on to foal rescues . . .

Nicky did an amazing job on this report!





The supporters always come and claim many in the industry love horses, many work ethically and through all the claims . . . the horses continue to suffer being raced too early, too often, too hard and thrown away too early. . .so I’m not seeing how their love is changing things.

All the while, other breeds have mares seeing their foals throws away so they can nurse TB foals instead. Because some of those breeders handle this more ethically, it does not change the fact too many are carted away and taken to auction, behind the barn and disposed of or become the face of a craigslist sale.

And yet. . .every single year when I post the sad reality of racing. . .someone will chime in and defend all of this. Because there are a few good people racing with care, folks, it DOES NOT WASH away the sins of this industry. Because other equine industries also have ethical issues, it does not bar anyone for shouting to the roof tops the issues within the racing one.

Claiming none of what I say happens is about akin to holding your eyes and ears closed and dancing in a circle screaming it isn’t true. . .while it happens around you. Ineffective.

It doesn’t go away. It is right here.

Take a moment to consider Be Boppin Wynn. Rescued a few months ago by HOP. Sound, sane and just an all around awesome guy. Won over 300,000 in this lifetime, we are told. . .didn’t protect him or earn him a safety net – when he couldn’t race, he was out. He is nearly rehabbed now, and you can find his after video and photos on the page, too!






Lost dog in cattletsburg, ky

This is my dad’s dog, Schitz, who is a female Rat Terrier/Yorkie mix. She was lost at Flying J truck stop in Catlettsburg, KY last Sunday afternoon. My dad is so broken hearted, we are offering a $100 reward for the return of his precious girl. Please let me know if you have seen her or have other information/suggestions.

Thanks so much!
Cindi Studebaker

Check out Tara’s wide rear now!

Big Announcement, folks!

Start putting your TEAM together now for the Huntington VFW (post 1064) and Heart of Phoenix’s 1st Annual Golf Scramble!

June 27th – Sugarwood Gold Course in Lavalette –

More info to come soon! — with Nicky Walters and 10 others.

Check her out! What a pretty, pretty mare!
How is this for a year after “Wow” for Reece
Thank you so much for your continued support!

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