April 25 – May 1, 2014

Hello everyone! I apologize for the long pause in updates, went on vacation and am just getting back. We have some amazing updates to share so please enjoy this long blog as I try to catch up. ūüôā




Skye update!
Skye is still a little rough on the turns, but getting better!
No one could say Alfie isn’t the most handsome little devil around!

Those looking for a beginner broke horse – this girl is her:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHXepav2kzM

Guess what?!Pecos goes to his home with his new girl. . .Jayden and her family in Middleburg, VA tomorrow. . .

If you haven’t watched his journey, you have no idea what horrors this boy has been through. . .

Please watch, share and if you believe in what we do, consider supporting our efforts!


Check out Ellie’s rehab video and share to find her a home!

Wait with baited breath rescue peeps. . .Good news is on the horizon.

It isn’t for everyone. It is rarely fun.Learn more about what it means to help horses in need and donate, if you can, at: wvhorserescue.org

Welcome the very regal Willie to rescue. He will be fostered with Nicky and Dorella at Comer’s show horses. He comes to us from a couple who rescued him from horrific abuse. They have rehabbed him and while he still needs emotional rehab, they have done a lovely job.

Pecos, boy. . .you’ve traveled a long road already.Your journey is ready to take you now to your final destination – a forever home in Virginia.

Travel safe, lovely boy!

We hope that every horse we place has someone waiting for him this excited!!!
He is home – Pecos arrived in his VA home today! Pictured is his new “girl,” Jayden, who chose him when offered any horse of her choice. . .those without a past of neglect, with more training . . . she chose him.
Rowan, one of the top 3 most emaciated horses we (or really anyone else) have had. . .rehabbed and in her adoptive home with her person today!

Yes, Moon is back -Thank you Nicky and Dorella for never giving up with the lead they had

Thank you to the two anonymous people who assured we could get her back when
the time came.

She went through 4 hands, auction and was working as an Amish buggy horse in PA. . .

She is back now, and that is what matters.

We would never have given up looking. . .and here she is because this team
stands behind what we do and would have tracked her to the ends of the earth, if need be.

There was a wedding on our Vice President’s farm today, and so Ms Beauty was a socialite!
A great Skye video! Remember – she is adoptable.

Check out this video of our new rescue “Boot Camp’ student Skye!!!! Man she is doing well.Skye has already been on her first trail ride; exciting but no real issues…….. Skye is coming along right on schedule!


The full Moon Story. . .So recently I had to post we had no update on her. The trail was dead. cold. lead us no where.

If she had ran through an auction, it was likely she may have went in bad shape and could easily have been purchased by a kill buyer. We just didn’t know.

The Amish trader who sold her in PA refused to work with the rescue to get her back after just a few calls 2 months ago.

Our volunteer, Nicky, as a last ditched effort called him over a month ago, and asked about buying her, not connected with the rescue, as a personal horse. He claimed he would travel to PA and find the Amish family who purchased her at auction. They spoke to him over and over. Told him anything that might get him to bring her back to us.

He never called back. We assumed he never would.

Then a month later, Nicky and Dorella both received calls. He had went to PA and finally tracked Moon down. She was, indeed, with an Amish family working as a buggy horse. He was willing to buy her back and haul her down for a price. The price was the same as before. It was not a fair price, and he is not a nice character in this story.

I didn’t believe it, really. We had heard this story before and it lead no where.

We are fortunate to have two Anonymous donors that made this possible and an awesome team who made the trip to see if this fellow was being honest and really had brought her from PA back to his home place in Oak Hill, Ohio.

And you know what. . .she was there today, and we were able to buy her back. We fulfilled our obligation to track her down, never let go, never give up. . .to get her back to see she stays safe.

Her adopter will still face a civil court case. It is one we will win. . .
But we’ve won already, and that will just be icing in the proverbial cake. . .We’ve proven we will KEEP these horses under our supervision. Period. End of Story. . and yes, SHE WILL have the NEW freeze brand that is coming to the rescue soon.

Watch her MUST see a raw, real return video (showing properly with more footage) now at:


If you can’t tell this is one peaceful looking girl today, you need your spectacles on. . .I was so happy to find her clearly at ease and the same old girl today. . .

There are no words we can put out there to explain how happy we are to have her safely back. . .

Thank you again to those who made this possible – you folks know who you are.

Yep, that is her. . .
Ferris was adopted today. This is what he did when unloaded¬†¬†‚ÄĒ with¬†Stephanie Treadwell.
Pecos has settled in nicely, and he is enjoying turn out and had a great first ride with his girl today.

I do not adopt horses myself. . . I want to now and again. . .Eclipse, Beauty, Dior, Glory, Rowan. . .and Oh, this boy. . .Memphis. . .he is a superstar. . .and I would keep him, too, if I were not a rescuer at heart. . . never the place they stay forever.


Memphis still has some weight to gain, but he is looking amazing. . . nearing the end of the rehab period and has a possible adoption pending with the kindest person on earth¬†We had a short ride today.Those who missed out on adopting him – you have no idea what you’ve missed in this boy.


Clover is looking even better than when I last saw her with our board member, Sonora. We moved her today to Sunday Stables to finish rehab and make room for Teddy to come to Sonora’s.Clover will be adoptable soon!

She is a big, kind mare. We aren’t really sure on breed.


This girl has had a long trip to get where she is. . .and we see light at the end of the tunnel finallyShe suffered tied to a tree, bred and ridden in the condition you see on the left for 6 years before she was legally seized and brought to us.

To grasp how emaciated she was, you really have to watch her intake video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cPvZuOGGOY done in November

Senior Mare – possible STB cross, 15.2HH
She is nice size mare and has a very youthful face! Clover has a kind personality and is very charismatic! She has not yet been evaluated. Her fee will likely be $350

13 yr old TWH Gelding. 14.2hhThis gorgeous black gelding came from Boone county, WV. He has been very abused, but he is still kind and willing for the quiet, loving rider. He will be adoptable soon.

$400 fee


You may remember the two horrifically starved Minis, rescued with Bettie (The senior twh mare we have adoptable now) in January.They were skeletons. I mean not an ounce of fat left. . .muscle eaten away. . .under the hair. . .body scores of less than one.

I imagined they would not live.

We were full and thought we pulled them and I literally carried them to safety, they had to go on that day and make the trip to TN to Reins of Hope.

And what hope they found there.

PLEASE watch this video until the end. Of all I’ve seen, this is on the most amazing rehabs you will ever witness.



So thankful to not only have recovered Moon, but we also have two adoptions this weekend and two new intakes.Pecos and Ferris were adopted, and Willy and Teddy came to us!

Memphis is one of my most well loved rescues ever – watch his video herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKGWAMZ7v0U&feature=youtu.be

‘ve been contacted by the Land Company that owns this land. They have the green light to move this small herd of 9 horses ASAP.They are willing to help fund the cost of rescue to qualified 501(C)3 rescues.

This will not be easy as two are mature stallions. The mares are, as you see, likely in foal. Some are young.

Private approved homes that are able to go out and round them up are acceptable, but funding will only be provided to rescues.


I’ve been contacted by the Land Company that owns this land. They have the green light to move this small herd of 9 horses ASAP.They are willing to help fund the cost of rescue to qualified 501(C)3 rescues.

This will not be easy as two are mature stallions. The mares are, as you see, likely in foal. Some are young.

Private approved homes that are able to go out and round them up are acceptable, but funding will only be provided to rescues.

This Molly Mule is in Hampshire county, WV. She is a bit underweight. They have asked us to accept her in rescue, but with an incoming starvation case from another county, I wanted to first see if we can find placement directly for her. She is about 5 hours away, though they would likely trailer her for fuel costs. The officer says she follows her around and is very friendly.
We have a spot opening up and this seized TWH desperately needs us NOW! Please sponsor this boy’s rehab! We need to raise $1,000 to cover his initial transport, vetting and farrier care and board. Paypal equinerescue@live.com

Moon is a lucky girl to have an adoption pending already with a previous adopter of our’s!!!Given that, we have a spot opening up and this seized TWH desperately needs us NOW! Please sponsor this boy’s rehab! We need to raise $1,000 to cover his initial transport, vetting and farrier care and board. Paypal equinerescue@live.com

Oh, Alfie. . .you’re a handsome devil, you are!

Rarden, Ohio – Need placement NOWThe paint 13hh gelded pony and his pasture mate, a partially blind mini, need a home.

The paint has a jaw deformity that does require frequent dental floating –
He can be ridden.

To approved home – check the website for an application.

“The paint is 5 years old. Leads, loads, bathes, clips, lead lines, ponies, stands for farrier, and is an all around great pony that has been handled all of his life. Great with children, used to dogs, chickens, goats… The mini is a mid twenties gelding pasture mate. Where the paint goes he follows. They have been together since I got the paint at 2 weeks old. Both are in great health. Will be utd on vaccinations and farrier upon going to their new home.”


The rescue has a nice, solid 2 horse bumper pull with ramp – good tires, solid floor – for trade or sale – $2,200 firm. Photos will be posted. We will trade for a 10-12 foot stock, which we think will make loads a lot easier given the fact we load horses that are often difficult initially to load.
Wynn is moving along quickly in his rehab – he was a perfect gentleman today during his ride with Susan Sunday. He is adoptable. He is a 9 year old OTTB. 17.2HH.
Clover looking happy as can be today¬†‚ÄĒ with¬†Sonora Winds.

This is the latest update from Pecos’ adoptive family!!”Everyone loves Pecos, even after rolling around his stall. He is the most photographed member of our family. He has been a big hit and the word has quickly gotten out that the horse¬†that jumped the fence w the lovely trot and canter is a rescue. People can’t believe it. He is more wonderful than we ever imagined. Pecos did get turned out with 2 other horses yesterday and there was not 1 issue. Jayden’s trainer thinks Jayden and Pecos will be able to do a horseshow in late June. Walk, trot and canter.”


Another of Pecos in his adoptive home today. . . if you missed his story, it is one of the most touching and extensive come backs we’ve ever had!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9C_39NLxVo

Wynn’s video – check this boy out!!!
Bella is an owner placement through Heart of Phoenix –
She is a pretty 12 year old Quarter Horse mare. 15.2HH. Rides English or Western. $600 fee to approved home on contract. Milton, WV
We sure do love them while they are with us, though!

Darling Moon – I swear this team would have tried to move mountains to find you. . .I hope you know how happy we are to have you back and safe. . .

If you rarely watch a rescue video, this is still one to not miss. . .Her story is worth both hearing and watching over and over.
Memphis’ extended video – must more before footage than before
If you’ve been waiting to give, haven’t been sure. . .
Need that extra incentive. . .take 5 minutes and visit our
Youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/WVHorseRescue/videos
and a few of our before and afters at:http://www.wvhorserescue.org/photos.htmlI believe you will feel that whatever you can give is needed afterward.Make the commitment to help BE the change this area needs for suffering horses across three states


This little gal needs a home in Huntington, WV area.Sh e is 2 years old. She has been spayed, to obedience training and is super friendly. She is house trained and about 25 lbs. She looks to be a Norwegian Elkhound cross. The elderly couple who rescued her almost 2 years ago are not able to continue to care for her but desperately want to find her a safe home.

I’m so glad to see this guy said settled and so happy!!! We appreciate adopters who share photos just because they are So excited with their new rescue family member!

Skye our rescue horse, and Justin look so relaxed………..R & M Stables Wytheville, Virginia

Skye is progressing well in training!

Skye and Justin make a great pair………..R & M Stables Wytheville, Virginia


Riley needs a home. She is a sweet rescue gal in Huntington, WV”She is spayed up to date on all shots and everything… Great with other animals and children… She has been around them all her life she is about 1-1 1/2… She is house trained… She loves her crate so whoever has her really needs to have a crate! She barks and gets upset when she can’t go inside it to rest”

She is a super active, loving Shepherd mix.


Question time!Facebook rescue friends, if you could adopt any rescue horse HOP has saved, past or present, which would it be/have been? Why?

Photo from early 2013


All of the horses we’ve either rescued, rehabbed and placed or had a hand in saving to date¬†There are approx 25 not pictured. . .

For a total of roughly 145 so far.

We’ve only just begun.

¬†‚ÄĒ with¬†Nicky Walters,¬†Gena T. Nicholas,¬†Stephanie Davis,¬†Susan Sunday,¬†John Creamer,¬†Dorella Ann Conner Tuckwiller,¬†Suzanna Johnson,¬†Jessie Smith Hardesty,¬†Sonora Winds¬†andJessica Lee Cox.

Thank you so much for your continued support! We have been blessed these past few days, and all due to our dedicated volunteers and donators!

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