Attn: Wayne county, WV – be on the look out for a Belgian cross mare. . .

Yesterday was a disaster. . .not only did the donated truck break down and leave us with the Draft mare in the trailer for over an hour before we had friends and tow truck come to the rescue, but when we finally got to my farm and unloaded her, I had to turn her out and head back to pick up John from where the tow truck guy¬†left him at the mechanic’s.

When we got home, there was NO sign of the mare. Gone. We’ve combed the property and all the local areas until after 2am last night. No sign of her. I often Joke animals stay here because they want to because my fence has a lot of electric and it isn’t turned on in some places. . . but the fence wasn’t down and it is very unlikely she jumped it, though it could have happened.

So unless someone let her out (which is more reason why I DO NOT publish this location), I have no idea what has happened. We have never, ever had a horse get out here in all these years unless we didn’t close a gate, and everything was closed up.

We’ve looked for her since this morning, as well.

The sheriff, 911 and ACO have been notified.




We still have no sign of the Belgian mare.

This boggles my mind.

We live in a small neighbourhood – two ways out and no fences down, no gates open, no signs of her – no manure, no tracks, nothing. . .

We’ve talked to everyone, alerted the sheriff-9/11 call center and ACO – but I don’t think this mare wandered out of here. There is just no way.

To imagine someone showed up while I was gone and took her is hard to believe, but at this point, it looks like that is just what happened.

She needs a vet, food and farrier NOW. We are just at a loss here.

When you do this type of work, you know that you make enemies, and this is why I keep our locations quiet, but I can’t understand how someone could show up here that quickly, load a horse and be gone . . .just gone.





We need to hire someone in Huntington to tow/haul the rescue truck to another mechanic today or tomorrow. Anyone?




Where is all the interest in this giant Hunk of a horse? Wynn is a 9 year OTTB – 17.2hh, guys!





And how on Earth is gorgeous Buttercup still adoptable? Share her – this pretty girl needs a home! $350 fee – 13.1hh Quarter Pony. Well broke for an advanced beginner child rider.





We need to get the rescue truck towed from Huntington to Ashland – anyone able to help with that today or tomorrow?





Skye update!
Our new “Boot Camp” (Rescue) student Skye is doing fantastic!!!

If you haven`t heard this horses story, she has had a very tough life. She has lived through just about every kind of abuse that you can imagine from the rodeo circuit to living with folks that simply just didn`t care. She has been forced to stand for days in a filthy stall with absolutely no care, little food, and no hope……….. And this is just the part of the story that we know about!

As you can imagine, this past treatment has caused Skye to have serious trust issues. Thanks to a wonderful foster family, and Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue in Huntington, WV Skye is getting a second chance!!!!

Please keep her and R & M Stables in your prayers that we will be able to help her to learn to trust again, and to become a productive family member for some lucky family. If you are touched by her story, and are interested in adopting Skye, contact us and we will put you in touch with the right folks……. Let`s watch Skye, and Adrianne work!!!


Thank you so much for your continued support!