March 28-29, 2014

Hello everyone!



Scarlett’s video is now well over 100,000 views! I’m working on some never before seen footage that will amaze you here shortly of her rescue!





We’ve mulled it over long and hard, and while we loved the more floral option, the board has settled on the very clear, easy to read brand below that will be 4”
Note: this is a freeze brand (very humane), and all future adoptive horses will carry this mark to give them the most protection we possibly can from auction and sales after adoption.




Additional footage of Scarlett’s story we’ve never shared before! In response to her original video breaking over 100,000 views on Youtube!




Scarlett’s Behind the Scenes footage
For those that have watched Scarlett’s original video many times over, here is some additional footage never before shared –





The company designing the brand for the rescue




We may soon gain a new addition to the Heart of Phoenix gang. I think you all are going to like her; she’s really pretty!

Hint . . .she IS NOT a horse, mule or pony!





Glory in her adoptive home!





Nominate your favorite equine rescue group to be an Equine Wellness Rescue of the Month!

The more stories we hear, the better, so ask the rescue group to have their supporters LIKE our page and leave a COMMENT.

Rescues of the Month receive:

1/2 page article in our print magazine (GREAT exposure!)
Extra promotion on social media
Promotion in Weekly Hoof newsletter
1/4 page ad in print magazine ($840 value)
web ad ($250 value)
Customized email campaign for fundraising ($1000 value)
Hundreds of dollars worth of product from companies such as COLDFLEX Self-Cooling Products.
Small monetary donation.

This is a great way to help your rescue reach it’s fundraising needs!






Rowan has found her home and person today! I believe this is a match made in Heaven. You all know how I love this mare, but this adopter is the RIGHT match for her. . .just a bit shy of one year after rescue. . . Rowan goes to her new home today!






A torrential downpour. . and where are Alfie and Mem?

Out basking in it, of course!






Thank you, Susan Sunday of Sunday Stables for hauling Rowan to her new home on this rainy day!!!




Dexter with his special girl yesterday – this little guy and she share an amazing bond! He has been with his family for close to a year now! — with Cammy Casto and Kelly Ann Tate-Casto.





In Honor of her adoption today – Rowan’s story

One of the most emaciated horses in our history, rehabbed and now adopted!





Pecos meets a possible adoptive family tomorrow from VA!





I know everyone remembers the Minis from Ohio, especially the little filly I carried to the truck. . .

Check them out in TN NOW!!! Hope Reins has done an amazing job!




Thank you so much for your continued support and we hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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