March 10, 2014

This was a very sad day in the rescue. I have had a stark reminder why one can never ask too many questions, be too unsure.

– We aren’t going to publicly talk about what took place until the legal matter is resolved, and believe me, it will be resolved and the person who took horrific, dishonest advantage of the work we do will be held so very accountable.

When we have legal resolution, there will be a long, detailed account, you can be certain of that.

Until then, Thank you John Creamer, Tony Hardesty and Gena Nicholas for all of your very hard work today. . .




The lovely Miss Em – in her adoptive home. A happier event for today, she looks wonderful.





Thank you so much for your continued support of the rescue, and as soon as we can we will tell today’s story, but for now have a wonderful night.

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