How Important is Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue’s Effort?

Each day, Heart of Phoenix receives emails and calls asking for help for horses in need. Many of these horses, ponies and donkeys are starving, without vet or farrier care and will die or end up at auction without our help. The numbers of equines in need is hard to pin point in the Tri-state area; however, our director estimates that for each horse we are able to help, at least ten calls or emails request help for a horse or herd of horses must go unanswered due to lack of funding and space.

Across the United States, over 100,000 horses are sent over our borders to slaughter. Many other starve to death or die from treatable illness or other neglect.

Heart of Phoenix is helping change the outlook for the horses that, through no fault of their own, end up in dire need of rescue in the West Virginia, Southern Ohio and Eastern Kentucky area. With YOUR Financial support, we work tirelessly to see horses that are shells of their former selves, skeletons barely clinging to life, rehabbed with quality vet care and love and given a SECOND chance. We assure them the best shot possible at a forever home.

We placed over 40 horses that would have had no hope before we accepted them in rescue in 2013 alone. Most of these horses, once vetted, rehabbed and evaluated, proved to be Sound, Sane and Lovely riding companions with many years left to offer their new families!

A high standard of rehab and care requires a very large financial budget and many hours of volunteer time. We are committed to sound financial management, so we will not take in more horses than our funding allows. This means that while we are able to help many horses, many others must be turned away. We want to see Heart of Phoenix, one day, able to offer HOPE to every horse in need in the area! We believe this is possible with your support!


Our VP’s updates on Ellie and Tara:

“Ellie is a completely different horse with Ferris gone. She is sweet and let me love on her for a really long time. She’s not nearly as aggressive over sharing hay outside, and is much calmer over all. A wonderful change.”

“Tara is still the sweetest thing.. She wants constant attention, comes right to you, and will follow like a puppy.”


This boy should have been adopted by now!!


Pretty Buttercup today



Another of Reece!




Thank you so much for your continued support of the rescue! Remember to check back every day for new updates!