February 9, 2014

Hello! Hope everyone is doing great!

Want to start off by showing off Buttercup, a 13.3 hh mare that neck reins and does nice with w,t,c. She’s currently adoptable and we’re putting a video together for her that’ll be posted soon. Buttercup’s adoption fee is $400.


And a little bit of Rowan to make your day brighter. Both these girls are absolutely amazing!


Our HOP volunteers, Nicky and Dorella, are in VA today at a Parelli clinic – they are having a great time from the clinic photos I’m seeing.

It looks like we’ll be dealing with a large effort rescue soon. : (   Wait until you see these photos, we’ll post them as soon as possible.

There’s also a stallion located in Alum Creek, WV that is in need of a home. A family ended up with him when a local wouldn’t feed him. He is 6-7 years old and has been vetted, and is currently healthy. That is ALL we know. Approved homes only, no fee.


In Memory of:


Lovely Coco was lost one year ago today. . . after nearly two years in rescue, an extensive surgery and two placements that did not work out. . . this kind mare was lost to complications of what seemed to be Colic. It was a tragic loss. . .and we will never forget Coco. She came from the first rescue our core team united on. . .out of her RESCUE, where 6 total were saved, what you see today as Heart of Phoenix, as a working organization with a board of directors that sought our 501(c)3 status, was born.

Rest in Peace, Little Coco. . .

Check back with us each day for more updates on the rescue and the horses.


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