February 7, 2014

Some great news today,  A Home For Every Horse’s Featured Rescue of the Week is Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC! We’ll get a $50.00 gift card from Tractor Supply Co. which will help in some of the care of our rescues!

Alfie can still use sponsors! This guy needs gelding, vetting and a lot of groceries. He will need months of training once rehabbed, as well! If you would like to donate to help with Alfie’s care costs, please visit our website, http://www.wvhorserescue.org.


The HOP Team is headed to Charlotte, NC to attend an Equine Rescue conference with the ASPCA that we were invited to. Hoping to learn a lot of great information and to help spread the word of HOP in the next couple of days.

Also, if you would like to purchase one of these awesome decals, they’re $5 each – paypal equinerescue@live.com!



Eclipz Update! 🙂


Every single time I share this photo of Eclipz, a 7 month bred SE Arab from an early 2011 rescue, people can’t believe the photo – that this was what happened in 15 days, but there you have it. . .simply the most amazing thing I’ve seen to this day in rescue. This was a unique case – you’re seeing a lot of dehydration there. . .she also was infested with a worm load heavier than anything, far away, I’d seen before or have seen since – we opted to treat even in her poor shape because we knew recovery wasn’t likely until that was dealt with and for her sake and the unborn foal, it was a must. We were not an organization back then – it was mostly a small group effort and almost all out of pocket. She was adopted that day, 15 days after intake, with a lovely life long Arab lover. Her lovely filly was born a few months later and very healthy.

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And in closing, some more awesome Befores and Afters!
While Addy is no longer with us, I realized I had not done a final before and after of her. The first photo is one a volunteer took the day she was picked up at the end of May. The other is one I took Mid January. We hope one of our approved adopters from before we moved her to Lilly Pond when we believed she was in foal after a vet visit will be able to adopt her from Maryland soon! If not, we know Lilly Pond will get her a safe, awesome home. We do not want to further stress her by moving her back after her blood work showed she was no in foal.


Sweet Beauty, she and Scarlet made such amazing recoveries and have found loving homes! So happy for them!


Thanks for reading, be sure to check with us each day for updates on what we and our rescues are up to!

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