Cattletsburg Auction, part deuce

Two weeks after my visit and blog about the Cattletsburg Auction, I

visited the auction again, though I had no room to buy, with a friend.

Here are photos from the auction:

I believe this was the kill pen this week. Two of these horses were severely starved – Body Scores of 2

(the owner and meat broker is in the center in the red jacket)

This pony could barely walk and grown man rode it LIKE THIS right there in front of everyone –

This is not legal, but it went unpunished and does every other week here!

Many others had feet just like this!

I saw horses being kicked, whipped and mistreated all around. May were brought in with body scores of 2 – having been

starved for years and most have neglected feet.

Facts about Horse Slaughter

Contact law enforcement – get something done –

Remember if you’re rude – they will NOT listen –
Being obnoxious, hateful or rude will hurt the horses – NOT HELP. . .

But being are bringing in horses that are clearly abused and neglected and
should be prosecuted!!

Boyd County Sheriff Office
2900 Louisa St # 1
Catlettsburg, KY 41129-1609
(606) 739-5135

Catlettsburg Police Department
2600 Broadway Street, Catlettsburg, KY
(606) 739-5126

Catlettsburg Chief of Police
26th & Broadway, Catlettsburg, KY
(606) 739-5022

Kentucky Horse Council
1500 Bull Lea Rd. Suite 214 C
Lexington, KY 40511
FAX 866.618.3837

6 thoughts on “Cattletsburg Auction, part deuce

  1. This really does need to be stopped, thank you for writing this. I will be contacting the contacts you listing and complaining (nicely lol) Its so sad this is happening… Thanks for the info about who to contact, that helps alot!

  2. This is extreamly painful to see, and I am trying to get people to help out with buying quite a few of them. The only issue with that is all the vet work, but I am willing and so are others that I know. I am very happy to be able to help, but I know that I will want to buy them all.. ๐Ÿ™ But still hoping for the best!

  3. Thank you for letting people know about this. It is just sickening the way people treat animals. I will make (nice) contacts with the places you have listed. Thank you for doing this!

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