One of the worst things that happens in the horse world is the act of horse trading.

Every negative thing that happens in the horse world can often be traced right

back to horse trading.

I grew up with a grandfather who loved nothing better than buying a horse,

keeping him a month and then trading him for whatever horse next struck his fancy.

He was good to the horses in his care, but the horse deserved

better than a temporary home that would only ever led to a life with another horse trader

and another until he made it to an auction and inevitably to a horse auction and slaughter.

Horse trading is appalling. If you bring in a horse to help find it a wonderful home, that is one thing,

something admirable.

If you pick up a horse because he liked him well enough and 2 months later,

you are looking to trade him for something new

because the new factor has worn off or you are buying because you think you might make a buck off him,

you are simply playing

into the horse problem in American now and you are filling up the slaughter trucks going to Mexico and Canada.

Take your time and buy the Horse that is right for you! If he does not work out for a legitimate reason, take the time

to screen his potential home.

Do not use a horse as an experiment over and over to see what you really want in an animal. This is cruel.

Do not sell to horse traders. Ask a person who many horses they have owned over the course of the last few years

and ask why they sold any they have parted with.