Our Future Depends On Your Help TODAY

Heart of Phoenix has worked hard to be fiscally responsible. We have always accepted the number of horses into our rescue yearly that we are able to care for very well for as long as long as the horses need us until they find a home.

But today, for the first time in our 14 years, I am writing an absolutely urgent plea to our donors. 

Since 2021, we have been aware funding was shifting because donors have had less disposable income and grant funding has been more scarce. So we have continued with high adoption rated, but we have been discreationary with our intake of horses. We have been able to reduce the numbers of horses held from 185 horses to 102,.We have reduced the number of horses we have accepted to account for the reducing donation levels we have experienced month after month.

This year, we have experienced a huge number of returns because of adopters have met with economic hardship. While adoptions continue at a great rate, our monthly costs, from farrier costs, medications, grain, hay, have greatly increased. Many of our fosters have had to shift from covering all costs to asking us to cover all care costs, as well. 

Lastly, many of you may have realized that Facebook’s fundraising platform stopped collecting monthly sponsorships and moved donated funds to a much longer holding timeframe, so all of our monthly donations through that platform stopped. Unless donors sign up through other options, those donations have ended. Facebook funding is cut in 1/4 monthly, and it happened fast. While some of that funding eventually will come, it may be 2 or more months before those donations make it to us.

Operating month to month is not sustainable for a large organization holding so many horses. While we are intaking less horses to help keep the rescue stable, that means far less funding coming in from what I think of as the “High of Giving” with a new save.

Keeping the 102 horses we care for daily fed, safe, in training and able to wait for a new home is so vital. It is the best thing an organization can do. Right now, if things do not change, we will not be able to continue to do this.

We need you to help us now.

Our most recent monthly hay delivery is $3,300.00 
Our most recent monthly grain delivery with mineral tubs is $3,000.00
Our weekly vet bill is around $1,500.00
Our monthly farrier bill is usually $3000.00

These are no where near our only monthly costs, but if we can find donors able to meet these needs for November, it will be a massive help.

Please consider if you can make a donation toward the above costs, and we also ask if you might consider becoming a monthly donor in any amount. If you are already a re-occuring donor, are you able to possibly increase that gift even a small bit?

We want to meet the needs of the horses in Appalachia. But we cannot do with without being fully funded, and that means we must have your help. I  truly believe there isn’t an organization that accomplishes more than Heart of Phoenix, dollar for dollar, in the United States.

– Tinia 
Founder and Director and always a volunteer

To give via Mail, write check to:

Heart of Phoenix

PO Box 81 Shoals, WV 25562

PayPal, use the email address: equinerescue@live.com

Venmo: @heartofphoenixhorses 

Zelle: Equinerescue@live.com

Cash App: $heartofphoenixequine​

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