What is West Virginia Equine Coalition?

It is a goal for a future organization within WV. While it doesn’t exist now, we hope eventually to be able to establish this Coalition.

WVEC is would simply be a grass roots concept to build an amazing resource for horses and horse folks in West Virginia that reaches beyond show people, casual owners, rescues and breeders.

Would it be an equine rescue group?
No. This would be a new coalition that will connect experienced, self starting horse lovers in each country statewide who will seek to offer horse owners in their county 4 things: 1. A resource list of reputable farriers, vets, trainers and boarding facilities 2. A list of horsemen and women who can aid animal control and sheriff’s departments in seizure cases by offering foster homes and transport 3. Work with farmers to both donate hay and store hay for a hay bank in each county. 4. Being a resource to owners unable to keep their horses by offering education on safely placing their horses, networking the horses through social media and working on giving owners options to keep their horses.

Why Couldn’t Heart of Phoenix fill all of these voids?
While HOP has worked hard to do this, we’ve found that every county needs a solid go to local person to really open the possibilities for expanding equine welfare goals and education. The rescue’s daily each is not large enough to cover every single county in the way a local leader could. The goal is to minimize the need of rescue to come in to only critical cases of equine neglect and abuse and to increase assistance to animal control.

Would WVEC be part of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue?
WVEC is the concept of HOP. Yet, the hope is this grass roots coalition will develop beyond the typical reach of a rescue organization, inspiring leadership in each county to recognize the needs of their county and work independently to find out what will work where they are to improve the outlook of horses and horseman and women where they live.

How Can I Help?
If you have been interested in helping horses, but you felt you could not work as a foster or direct volunteer with rescue, this may be the right option for you, especially if you’re independent and like to spearhead with a limited direction. Initially, We are looking for a County Leader in each county within West Virginia. At the base level, each county leader would have a history of equine ownership, ideally have the ability to foster for their county officials when needed in cases where rescues are full or the situations are not critical, willing to learn safe procedures, the law, have access to trailer horses, the ability to work with other horseman and women and be motivated to seek out resources and support to build a community of support and education for the horse people of our state. You would report to the Coalition with the professional list (farriers, vets, trainers, boarding, lessons) quarterly. You would speak to farmers about the ability to donate hay for a tax receipt for a county hay bank. You would speak to equine owners in your county to establish owners will to assist in seizures or surrenders through Animal Control.

Want to be considered for this volunteer role? Email us today!

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