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More than a Rescue: A Powerful Advocate for Horses in Appalachia


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Heart of Phoenix

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5 thoughts on “DONATE

  1. Id like to know what we can do to stop this barbaric act of horse slaughter?? Is it because it hasnt made the news. Half of the US is totally unaware and i can guarantee u they will help to bring it to a stop. So please tell me what to do to stop this?


  2. Ok, you got me to donate monthly, again. That means some other rescue be it horses or dogs or cats will have to get less but I love your organization and all the wonderful people who try and do save my favorite animal, the horse as well as the burros. I couldn’t ignore your plea for help. I would like to be able to give much more but I am on a fixed income so even though it’s not much I hope it will help and if others are able to contribute it will have a positive impact. Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful people who do miracles. I love you all for all that you do!


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