“Fostering and Helping HOP has been such a blessing”

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Heart of Phoenix as a foster/trainer for just about a year now. But I’ve been following them through FaceBook since 2012. I’ve worked with 3 of their wonderful horses so far, 2 of which have been already adopted out into wonderful homes! I hope to work with another one soon.
HOP far surpasses any expectations I’ve ever had or seen through a rescue. They are legit and the most helpful, caring, dedicated people in this area when it comes to equine welfare & equine networking. ALL equine rescues/advocates around the US should really take a look at what they are doing and use some of their principles as a cornerstone to their own organization.
For me personally, fostering and helping HOP horses has been such a blessing and has filled a void I”ve been looking for quite some time now.The thing I love the most about HOP is that they are dedicated to following & keeping track of the horse it’s entire life. If an adopters circumstances change (for whatever reason), HOP will gladly take the horse back and then re-adopt out. This, this is just amazing. Thank you HOP!

Eventually I found my #righthorse through Heart of Phoenix and adopted Juno and Tina Turner!

I support Heart of Phoenix by volunteering and helping care for adoptable horses. I want to help horses transitioning into good new homes because I personally know (after adopting myself) how GOOD these horses are and deserving. I want to find #goodpeople for the horses I am helping! Adoption is a great option!

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