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West Virginians, IF You Care About Horses, then We need your action now!

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Act today, West Virginia Residents:

For over ten years, Safe Food Advocates, as well as Horse Advocates, have been able to work to assure Horse Slaughter has not re-opened in America by working yearly to secure the De-Funding of Horse Slaughter Inspections.

No USDA Inspectors means no plants in operation. Slaughter isn’t illegal in the USA. We simply simply secured the votes needed to not spend American Tax Dollars to fund this industry.

The De-funding of Inspections in Horse Slaughter plants is an issue the horse community must work on each year, though. We need YOUR Voice each year, and we need it in West Virginia more than anywhere.


Reality verses Idealism: They don’t collide in successful Animal Rescue often. A lot of words on euthanasia, friends

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Rescue, in the animal world, means so many things.

Many of those things are a poverty within the rescue kingdom, sadly.

For us at Heart of Phoenix, rescue means effectively saving as many adoptable horses as possible who can lead of fully, pain-free and awesome life as possible within the range of our space and donor base. We wouldn’t operate another way.


The Animal World Doesn’t need more Rescues; We need more Volunteers: A tale of intentions and disasters

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I often think of how everyone wishes to be the innovator, the boss, the spear-head, the unique voice, the “one” in rescue, and how nothing has harmed rescue as greatly as those things. Those things are really just one in the same. . .the inability to unify and work for the greater good in spite of differences.

Rescues come and go constantly. The reputation of “rescue,” in general, is poor, as so many end up in disaster.

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