May 24-25, 2014

I can tell you two things about this girl –

We saved her JUST in time

She is a fighter.





Alfie and my personal gelding. . .both intact into early adulthood and now both geldings. . .neither too sure about the other. . .






Check this amazing before and after of Ms. Alice. . .

She is a 24 year old STB mare now adopted (by HOP volunteer, Stephanie D.) and boarded at Sunday Stables.

She is nearing her 1 year rescue anniversary –

That is when they get the Wow factor. — with Susan Sunday and Stephanie Davis.







An intake video with audio of Grace yesterday





Tara – her lightening fast rehab is inspiring!

10348229_772401629457801_4663402145172832818_n 59317_772401236124507_5727973956849201758_n





We know this girl. . .

The Wander Lust. . .aka Beauty







Flashy, Flashy Bettie! Why no interest in this girl! She has it all – Flash, Size and Gait!





We LOVE this overnight (it seems) rehabs!






Sawyer came from Canmer, Ky today – Alfie goes back to Canmer for training – Spicy and Tara come to Lucas Farm until adopted





“Let’s be realistic….any horse…bought or sold for whatever dollar amount…is one bad sale away from ending up a rescue horse.”

– Nicky Walters (HOP Volunteer/Foster)

Most stark and truthful statement I can think of right now





Amber in her adoptive home yesterday!






Miss Freedom and her adopter, Layla, today







Miss Em and Moon today 





These two little ones needed help in a bad way. The pony is at least partially blind and the paint has a deformity. The same awesome group – HOPE REINS – in TN that took the Minis we rescued with Bettie came to the aid of these two when I asked for safe placement for the owner. Thank you Hope Reins

10334341_772941526070478_3243842729214404918_n 10325708_772941539403810_1321924251151078304_n





Alfie today 

This boy is just such a nice looking guy!






Dexter and His girl, Cammy, at the show yesterday where the hateful woman made her comments about rescue horses. This pair helps dispel any negative questions about rescues, for sure. The show in general is very supportive of RESCUE. Moon was shown there last year and had a great reception.






This pot bellied pig has been abandoned in hurricane – anyone able to help?





I ended up starting HOP because I didn’t want to be the person saying someone needed to do something. I didn’t want to have to be that person. It is not an easy thing to dk. But by God, I wasn’t going to keep saying “someone” else needed to fix the issue.
It is always my hope that our page/posts inspire more people to help in their communities. Have you been inspired to help animals in your community by social media?
The Saddlebred gelding posted earlier has found a home!
Thank you so much for your continued support!

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